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About Us (Got Token)

GOT Token is developed with Tron Blockchain. The specifications of the GOT Token are as follows:

Name Token : GOT Token

Ticker : GOT

Tron Token Type : TRC20

Decimals : 6

Contract Address : TApTnkuxs8C5ibRHJCiLuDTd83WXsRmPcc

Issuing Time : 2020-08-29 23:43:00 (UTC)

Supply : 50,000 GOT

DeFI (Decentralized Financial) Board

Click on Picture to GOT DefI Platform

GOT Token Transaction

Road Map

2020 to 2021 Roadmap

Q3 2020
Project Building, Website and Community Development, Token Sale, Listing GOT on CMC and Several Markets
Q4 2020
DeFI Staking Development and Make Legality Company
Q1 2021
DeFI Farming Development, Add Liquidity Pool
Q2 2021
Listing on Big Exchanger, Development GOT Maker (Platform Coin / Token Maker, Smartcontract Building, Blockchain Utility)
Q3 2021
Implementation GOT Maker Beta Version
Q4 2021
Fully Launching Blockchain Technology GOT Maker

Our Team

Founder & CEO
Marketing Manager
Blockchain Dev

Token Distribution

GOT Token Distribution can trace with Wallet Bellow

Development Wallet (20,000 GOT): TMVdyoM4pP6HY84p8T425KBRofxePBCAtx

Reserved & Funding (9,000 GOT): TQXSjh1ePw7MAQSE5AGxCzB7Ne1NWuntkV

Founders & Team (5,000 GOT): TAdXKcVLoifvFmT4uHTCHJHm2tLmvWUp2S

Airdrop & Bounty (1,000 got): TQXSjh1ePw7MAQSE5AGxCzB7Ne1NWuntkV

GOT Token On Media

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